Thinking of Selling? Find Out How Much Your Home is Worth

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There are several methods real estate agents will use when valuing your home. To reach a compromise between the price the seller wants and the buyer is willing to pay, agents must use a somewhat standardized method for determining property and housing pricing. If not, then housing prices would vary wildly and become more like online classifieds for used electronics than a

Kelowna Life Real Estate at the Kelowna Yacht Club Boat Show

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Sun, sand, surf, mountains AND your very own resident sea monster, Ogopogo…Kelowna life is truly spectacular! The Okanagan lifestyle caters to outdoor activities to be enjoyed by all ages. Whether you love to golf, ski, hike or be on the lake, we definitely have all of your bases covered! Waterfront Park is one of the most accessible and diverse locations

Strata Shenanigans in Kelowna: Research Prior to Purchasing

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Understanding the logistics of a Strata Council and how the rules will influence your lifestyle ahead of time are vital factors to consider when moving to a strata residence. Many people take for granted their ability to hang hummingbird feeders on their patios or having window coverings of any style and colour. Other people enjoy having the freedom to choose

Kelowna’s Carriage Homes: Increasing Your Investment

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The Okanagan is booming these days! Home to an incredibly fast paced tech-sector that continues to thrive, hours of sunshine and year round tourism, world-class golf courses and wineries…it is no wonder people want to call the Valley home. Not to mention housing that is much more affordable compared to Vancouver; it is easy to see why a substantial shortage

Festive Holiday Events for Adults

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Oh, the weather outside is… pretty good, actually! No need to hibernate indoors. It’s time to get out and explore all the Christmas events in Kelowna that will have you feeling the holiday spirit! Wondering what activities should take up your time? We’ve got you covered. Downtown Kelowna Light Up! December 3rd, 11:00am to 5:00pm If you thought our downtown

Golfing in the Okanagan

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Get off of highway and onto fairway! One of advantages to becoming an Okanagan resident is that during 2,000 hours of sunlight Okanagan Valley experiences a year, you access to a number of distinguished courses. Living in Kelowna entitles you to begin your golfing season early. With wear permitting, golfing season can begin as early as February, and ends in

5 Unique Wineries to Visit this Fall

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Living in Okanagan’s Wine Country definitely has its perks. Residents of Kelowna can essentially throw a rock and it’ll hit an award winning winery that serves up delicious vino. And don’t expect to find the same notes in your glass when vineyard hopping. The beauty of these unique wineries is that each selection found in a local tasting room has

The Farm To Table Dining Industry: An Okanagan Experience

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Kelowna’s accomplished wine industry has aided in attracting consumers to another fabulous aspect of Kelowna living: the farm to table dining experience. The warm weather that extends from March to October allows for healthy and abundant harvests, and vine ripened fruits and vegetables to be picked from their farms and delivered directly to local chef’s kitchens. Places like Raudz Regional