Lots for Sale in Kelowna: Build Your Dream Home

Building your own home definitely provides some unique peace of mind. Being involved with every factor from the ground up is one of the ways to ensure that all of your custom ideas are implemented. There is no better way to personalize your space or create your very own master plan than building your dream home. Lucky for us Okanagan residents, there are numerous vacant lots available within every possible surrounding. Whether you enjoy sweeping lake views, beach access, equine acreages or mountain vistas, there are plenty of different lots for sale in Kelowna. Glenmore is booming and older properties are abundant throughout the valley. Kelowna Life Real Estate knows the benefits and offerings of each neighbourhood and is happy to help you transform your dreams of building your custom home into reality.

Custom Built Homes Deliver Your Unique Perspective

While it can be tempting to completely renovate an existing property until it suits your needs; homeowners often run into difficulty and unexpected expenses when tearing down older structures. However, selecting your land, taking the views, sunshine, drainage and privacy into account prior to commencing construction, offers privatized selection unlike any other. Maximize your dollar and only pay for the features you will love to utilize when you enjoy the benefits of starting from the ground up.

Energy Efficient Options

Being able to determine your layout can dramatically influence your future energy bills. Selecting the most efficient windows, doors, insulation and roofing materials during construction will save you in the long run. Strategically planting some trees or keeping as many existing ones alive and thriving on the property may help you reduce or eliminate your air-conditioning needs or save you from installing a heat pump; depending on your shade situation. From your waste to water consumption, appliances and heating and cooling requirements, there are a variety of green energy options to consider. Factoring these items into your budget from the beginning can often save copious amounts of time, energy and money.

Save Money Pre-Wiring

Planning ahead saves you from hiring someone to punch a bunch of holes in your new drywall down the road. Pre-wiring your home security alarm system and CCTV cameras will help you protect your investment. Use an internet connection to check in and see your home while you are away on vacation or at work during the day. Pre-wire your automated window coverings and shade solutions to help you keep your daylight ambiance at a comfortable temperature and avoid coming home to a sauna!

Living Your Kelowna Lifestyle

Perhaps you enjoy the sprawling orchards of South East Kelowna or the openness of Lake Country; maybe you want to have a hobby farm and board your own horse for a change. Possibly, retiring beachside or within close proximity to a golf course is more your style. From compact view lots perfect for your summer home to sprawling acreages of possibility and every exciting lot in between, Kelowna Life and Home Real Estate can help you turn your dreams into reality.

Feature Kelowna Lot for Sale

1519 Rocky Point Drive Kelowna, BC V1V 3E2

Lots for Sale in Wilden | Kelowna Life Real Estate Company

Your opportunity to build your dream home is waiting for you! This beautiful lot includes stunning lake and valley views all within 10 minutes to the downtown core of Kelowna. View Listing >>

Property Details

  • ID: 10129570
  • Status: Active
  • Neighbourhood: Wilden

Our team is available to meet with you at your convenience and show you the listings that deliver the options you desire. You can always get in touch by phone at 250.575.4300.

Thinking of Selling? Find Out How Much Your Home is Worth

There are several methods real estate agents will use when valuing your home. To reach a compromise between the price the seller wants and the buyer is willing to pay, agents must use a somewhat standardized method for determining property and housing pricing. If not, then housing prices would vary wildly and become more like online classifieds for used electronics than a housing market. For the owner, their upkeep and maintenance of the home will begin to pay off massively. For the seller, having a home inspector to discover and uncover any hidden areas of damage or neglect is a necessity in finding the right home at the right price. For both the seller and the buyer, having a real estate agent that understands what you are specifically wanting in your home, and how or where to get that on budget, is a big part of their role and job in working with you. Let us walk through some of the specifications that agents inspect when listing or looking at a home.

How Location Affects Your Home’s Value

Determining the correct price for your home is scientific in method. There is generally an agreed upon or “market value” for homes in a specific neighbourhood which were built at roughly the same time and with relatively similar amenities and distances to shopping centers or other destinations. When an agent inspects a property to determine the price, they already have a strong inclination as to the price before even stepping inside. This is because of the market value which has been set by the ongoing sale and purchase of homes in that area of town.

Kelowna Lots for Sale!

Be it an empty lot or a large scale home, Kelowna has a variety of properties that range from farmland life to city living. When evaluating these properties there are a few general details that will be front and center for every listing going out to the public. For starters, the simplest specifications of the home will play the largest part in determining the listing price: the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as the square footage and number of floors are the most relevant to home buyers. Trailing those, the age of the house is of concern, as the older the home, the more renovation or repair costs will be incurred by the buyer, not much different from an aging car. Just like an aging car, if there has been many renovations or many repairs, that too can hurt the value. Keep in mind that while repairs may seem costly, they pale in comparison to the price fluctuations between locations and the age of the home itself.

For Sale in Kelowna: How to Get Your Best Price

Hiring a professional to stage and list your property can go a long way in building the value of your home, or maximizing the offers you receive for it. There are minor touchups that may not cost you much in terms of money and can really help your listing. The “curb appeal” or how the home looks when viewed from the street is always a conscious thought of the buyer – so to get the most for your property, consider sprucing up the front yard, ensure there is no visible damage from the road, and take proper care to maintain your home when it is on the market.

To get an estimate on your property valuation, fill out this form on Kelowna Life’s website! You can always get in touch by phone at 250.575.4300.

Strata Shenanigans in Kelowna: Research Prior to Purchasing

Understanding the logistics of a Strata Council and how the rules will influence your lifestyle ahead of time are vital factors to consider when moving to a strata residence. Many people take for granted their ability to hang hummingbird feeders on their patios or having window coverings of any style and colour. Other people enjoy having the freedom to choose whichever cat or dog they prefer. Strata legislation is commonly found in condos, vacation properties, townhouses, strata subdivisions and duplexes. Residents must abide by the Strata Property Act or face extreme consequences including expensive fines and possible eviction. Kelowna Life Real Estate Group has an experienced team of realtors who can help you read the fine print and decide if a strata lifestyle is best for you.

Why Strata?

Living in a strata community provides residents with the rules, bylaws and regulations for that particular property, as outlined in the “Strata Property Act.” Security and uniformity are in place to provide structure and peace of mind in strata-titled properties. Residents contribute monthly and pay strata fees which are completely separate from your mortgage or rent. The strata fees are placed into a contingency fund to pay for common expenses such as:

  • Snow Removal
  • Cleaning
  • Insurance
  • Gardening and Landscaping
  • General Repairs and Maintenance

Additional levies may be required from time to time in the event that your building needs a new elevator, roof or major repair. Many people love the idea of never having to shovel their walk or mow their lawn again. However, it is necessary to budget the extra strata fees accordingly to ensure that all of your funds are not simply going to mortgage and monthly payments. In the event every resident has to kick in for that new roof, you don’t want to be strapped.

Common Strata Bylaws

If you love to be organized and continually know what to expect and enjoy following rules; strata life may be ideal for you. Common strata bylaws include: specific quiet hours, limiting the number of guests, determining the age of residents, parking spaces, allowing guests to stay overnight, limiting the size and weight of your pets and what types of pets are allowed. Stricter strata’s will go as far to determine what is allowed on your patio and deck area in order to maintain a clean and tidy exterior. Making minor renovations or customizing your suite often requires pre-approval. As every building has its’ own unique ideas and residents; Kelowna Life strongly recommends being familiar with strata rules prior to purchasing.

Strata Council

The best way to stay abreast of changes in your building is to attend strata meetings and join your local strata council. Understanding the wants, needs and possible limitations of your building and brainstorming for solutions is a great way to get to know your neighbours. Items including safety, security and determining an annual budget are discussed. Meeting minutes are recorded and often posted in a common area for the rest of the residents to review. While some strata corporations may be professionally managed, there should be ample contact information if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions. There are cases of residents feeling bullied by their strata rules and this is unfortunate. Educate yourself by reading previous minutes of recent meetings and ask residents within the building how they feel living there prior to becoming a resident.

Kelowna Life Can Recommend the Perfect Property

Helping happy clients find their dream home is our specialty. Kelowna Life Real Estate Corporation has the experience to listen and deliver. Our team takes pride in our ability to provide you with excellent possibilities within your price range. Strata or no strata, we have a multitude of possibilities we can’t wait to show you. Book your listing or viewing with our established and successful team today!

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Kelowna’s Carriage Homes: Increasing Your Investment

The Okanagan is booming these days! Home to an incredibly fast paced tech-sector that continues to thrive, hours of sunshine and year round tourism, world-class golf courses and wineries…it is no wonder people want to call the Valley home. Not to mention housing that is much more affordable compared to Vancouver; it is easy to see why a substantial shortage of affordable housing has become our new norm. Today’s generation is spending far more time attending college and university and paying off student loans. Many millennials who wish to enter the housing market for the first time are renting a room from Mom and Dad, sharing space with multiple roommates or still living at home for free.

Carriage Homes: Potential Income for Your Property

A carriage home is the term used to describe a tinier house on one’s property that can be rented out, used as a guest house or provides lodging for family members. There are strict re-zoning requirements that have to be met and permits that must be approved by the City of Kelowna (or the Okanagan municipality you reside in) prior to construction commencing. Typically, these secondary dwellings or guest houses are restricted in height and size in relation to the principal dwelling. Carriage homes are unable to become stratified or subdivided. Properties that qualify may find this is a wonderful way to maximize your land and provide a supplementary secondary income or offer family and friends a space of their own.

Determining Zoning Requirements

As with any addition, paperwork must be approved and in place prior to starting any type of build or all of your hard work and dreams may be deemed illegal. Save yourself copious amounts of time and cash by ensuring you have all the facts in place. Conducting your own research is important; however, speaking with a City Official in person is often recommended. You wouldn’t want to misinterpret any zoning or permit requirements and be subject to tearing down all of your hard work. Family, friends and neighbours may all offer “helpful information,” however, the City of Kelowna in this instance has the final say and it is wise to get to know the planning and development department during this process to make sure you are working with current facts and figures. In the meantime, check out the online mapping system here to find out the current zoning status of your property.

Current Kelowna Carriage House Zoning

At this time, urban properties that permit a carriage home include properties that are zoned:

  • *RU6 -Two Dwelling Housing or
  • *RU1c-Large Lot Housing w/ Carriage House or
  • *RU2c-Medium Lot Housing w/Carriage House

Rural properties may consider adding a carriage house if they are zoned:

  • *RR1c-Rural Residential 1 w/ Carriage House or
  • *RR2c-Rural Residential 2 w/ Carriage House or
  • *RR3-Rural Residential 3 w/ Carriage House or
  • *A1c-Agriculture 1 w/Carriage House

Of course, zoning requirements may change any time and it is essential to check with the City prior to starting any Carriage Home proposal.

Urban Planning Department: Your New Best Friend

Following the rules will save you tons of time and money. Imagine having a secondary dwelling on your property and how much value that will add to your overall investment. You’ll be helping the local housing crunch and providing your property with the means to enjoy extra income. The possibilities are endless and exciting. Carriage homes have been on the rise in our region for many positive reasons. If you think this might be beneficial to your property, it is definitely something worthwhile to consider.

5 Unique Wineries to Visit this Fall

Living in Okanagan’s Wine Country definitely has its perks. Residents of Kelowna can essentially throw a rock and it’ll hit an award winning winery that serves up delicious vino. And don’t expect to find the same notes in your glass when vineyard hopping. The beauty of these unique wineries is that each selection found in a local tasting room has their own unique taste. Wine tasting is a very personal experience and it’s also tons of fun so when you’re looking for the best wineries in Kelowna, you’ll find them in close proximity! Here’s 5 amazing vineyards in Central Okanagan you have to try this fall:

The Hatch

the-hatch-with-grassA young local winery, The Hatch has quickly become a vineyard favorite for many. Along with a delicious line-up of unique blends of memorable reds and whites, this eccentric location is also an interesting art hub. Everything from the labels on the bottles to the items found in the winery gift-shop have a creative stamp by Artist, Paul Morstad. The Hatch is a winery unlike any other and when you visit, you certainly won’t be disappointed.

Must Try: 2014 The Hatch “Hobo Series” Cabernet Franc

The Vibrant Vine

A colourful 3D experience you won’t find at any other Okanagan winery, The Vibrant Vine is a magnificent vino experience. When you walk in, you’ll be directed to put on a pair of 3D glasses as the artwork in the wine shop explodes with 3rd dimension colours and designs. Complete with an amazing flight selection, the Vibrant Vine is filled with passionate wine connoisseurs who will be happy to explain why each individual blend is so special. Make sure to ask them the story behind “WOOPS”.

Must Try: Gewurztraminer 2015

Tantalus Vineyards

A gorgeous sipping experience, Tantalus Vineyards provides tremendous views of Okanagan Lake and more importantly, delightful and authentic wines that will leave you satisfied and happy. The team at Tantalus are personable, helpful and proud to be pouring at the oldest producing vineyard in the province.

Must Try: Old Vines Riesling (tastes like sour candy!)

The View Vineyard

The View is a special winery that provides visitors with a romantic tasting and seductive story. Born from a carefree and loving moment by the owners, The View is fabulous and fun (hence the red heel logo). Hospitable, friendly and passionate, this vineyard is home to delicious wines, ciders and sparkling wines.

Must Try: Bling Pink Sparkling (6 pack-cans)

Camelot Vineyards

An award-winning winery in Kelowna, you can probably guess the theme of Camelot Vineyards as medieval history is unmistakably present in the décor. Here, you’ll find plenty of photo-taking opportunities with a suit of armor, swords, complete with a replica of the round table which of course, is where you’ll sip your exquisite vino. Be sure to stop by and check out the medieval decorations before or after your flight of unique and delicious blends. Keep your eyes open for the on-site dog which adds an extra bit of charm to an already fantastic winery.

Must Try: 2015 White Knight

People from all over the world visit the wineries in the Okanagan Valley and some of the vineyards prove to be the best in the world. You really can’t go wrong with any tasting room in the area as each brings its own unique charm along with an endless list of accolades to go around for all. Unfortunately, we only have so much time in a day to list off our favorites, so if you’re looking for Okanagan wineries, be sure to visit the above 5 on your local vineyard tour. Whether it’s the local fruit and vegetables or seasonal patios, we love telling prospective buyers what our favorite parts of the city are and one of the best aspects is always having access to fabulous vino at any time of the year. To find out more about why we love this city so much, get in touch. We’d be happy to explain the reasons why you should purchase property in Kelowna.

The Farm To Table Dining Industry: An Okanagan Experience

Kelowna’s accomplished wine industry has aided in attracting consumers to another fabulous aspect of Kelowna living: the farm to table dining experience. The warm weather that extends from March to October allows for healthy and abundant harvests, and vine ripened fruits and vegetables to be picked from their farms and delivered directly to local chef’s kitchens.

Places like Raudz Regional Table, located in the heart of downtown Kelowna, have given Kelowna a reputation as a renowned foodie destination.

The Bohemian Cafe is located around the corner from Raudz and is known for their locally-sourced breakfasts and freshly squeezed orange juice. If you’re looking to dine at what is affectionately known to locals as the “Boh,” either make a reservation or be prepared to endure a bit of wait- although consumers would boast that the wait is well worth it.

Waterfront Wines is for the consumer looking to pair both local wine offerings as well as the farm to table culinary experience- although you won’t have to look to wineries for local wines as most establishments have a hearty selection of them to offer.

If you are interested more in beers and ciders than wine, don’t feel left out in Kelowna. Breweries and distilleries are in close proximity to the lake, such as Tree Brewing and Okanagan Spirits.

This agricultural mecca has incited the popular #tastekelowna hashtag on Twitter and Instagram, allowing diners to showcase their favourite farm to table restaurants and dishes. Next time you stop by a restaurant, participate in Kelowna’s culinary community and add the tag to one of your foodie photos!

Fresh and Delicious Local Fruit Markets

Everyone who resides here can easily agree that one of the best parts about living in Kelowna is the easy access to endless fruit and vegetable markets. From spring to fall, the seasonal fruits & vegetables have locals drooling over all of the mouth-watering freshness. There’s something positive to be said about every local market in Kelowna and each one brings their own unique heart & charm to their customers. However, if we listed all of our favorites, you’d be reading for the rest of the year! So we’ve gathered together 5 of our favorites for you to check out!

Paynter’s Fruit Market

Nestled in a quiet rural corner just off the highway, Paynter’s Fruit Market is filled with seasonal fruits & vegetables in a charming environment. The staff are friendly and enthusiastic and most importantly, the food options are incredible. From milk and eggs, to onions, peppers and kale and of course, peaches, apples and more! Whatever is in season, you can usually find it at Paynter’s Fruit Market. Bring the whole family for lunch and dessert as this cute shop has a wood fire pizza truck on location as well as an ice cream section. You’re welcome!

Pioneer Country Market

Associated with Sperling Vineyards, Pioneer Country Market is an inviting addition to an already fabulous local experience. Stop in for peaches (when in season) along with fresh baked goods (make sure to try the pies!), gourmet take-out lunches, hearty soups, pickles, preserves and more! Don’t forget to stop into Sperling Vineyards for a wine tasting!

Hillcrest Farm Market

For farm fresh fruits & veggies, Hillcrest Farm market will most definitely not let you down. This fall, come try their delicious apples. And with apples comes freshly pressed apple juice made right there on location with absolutely no preservatives. Also on-site: a delicious, can’t be missed bakery along with jellies, jams and preserves! For an amazing, locally grown, farm experience in Central Okanagan, you have to check out Hillcrest Farm Market!

Graziano Orchards

When taking your autumn wine tour on the Fab 5 trail in South East Kelowna, make sure to make a pit-stop at one of the Okanagan’s most beloved orchards: Graziano Orchards! They have 27 acres of fruit trees to provide deliciously juicy plums, apricots, apples and more! Here, you’ll find seasonal and affordable fruits that will leave you wanting more and more. While you’re at the orchard, don’t miss out on Graziano’s famous apple pie to take home!

Function Junction Fruit Stand & Double Cross Cidery

Function Junction is a unique fruit stand experience! They hand pick ripened fruits and vegetables from their very own orchard always ensuring the top most quality for their customers. Not only do they offer delicious fruits & veggies at their market, they also provide 100% pure apple juice, flowers, crafts and more in their shop! Something truly special about Function Junction is their newest addition: Double Cross Cidery! When you’re shopping, make sure to stop in for some one of a kind hard apple cider and four fruit iced ciders! Not sure which one you want to purchase? Double Cross has a tasting room so you can decide before you buy!

When you choose to purchase real estate in Kelowna, you’re also investing in the decadent lifestyle of being surrounded by orchards, markets and more. All of this freshness is one of the main reasons why living in the Okanagan Valley is so special, which you’ll soon get to see for yourself. We love telling prospective buyers what our favorite parts of the city are and one of the best aspects is always having the freshest fruits & vegetables at our disposal. To find out more about why we love this city so much, get in touch. We’d be happy to explain why we believe that living in the valley beats out any other city by far!

5 Best Patios in Kelowna

It’s no question that summers in the Okanagan are scorching hot; Now that we’re nearing the tail end of the season, there’s no better time to cool off than with a refreshing drink on one of the best patios in Kelowna. But with so many fantastic outdoor spaces to choose from, it can be hard to decide where to go for happy hour. Don’t worry! We’ve narrowed it down to 5 of our favorites.

1. Smack Dab
Described by the restaurant as “pub food with a twist” or “premium casual dining,” Okanagan residents love Smack Dab for their delicious cuisine and extravagant patio. Located directly beside the water, Smack Dab’s outdoor area is complete with 150 seats and exceptional views of Okanagan Lake. Trying to decide where to go to grab drinks & snacks? Just pick Smack Dab!

You’re Invited: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Evening Drinks & Munchies
What to Eat: Smack Dab Crazy Fries, Wild Mushroom & Brie Grilled Cheese, the Greek Pizza
What to Sip: Bad Tattoo Brewing Tramp Stamp Pale Ale, Tree Brewing Pineapple Moon Hefeweizen

2. Oak & Cru
A fabulous new location to meet up with your friends after work, Oak & Cru Social Kitchen & Wine Bar is the Okanagan’s latest waterfront restaurant which of course, offers a gorgeous patio located on the lake. Drop by for gorgeous (and comfortable!) outdoor seating and experience the delights of a true local experience. Oak & Cru gathers its atmosphere inspiration from all over the valley, including over 200 wineries along with artisans and purveyors alike.

You’re Invited: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Evening Drinks & Munchies
What to Eat: Shroomtata, Aryland Benny, Old Grandad Wings, Farmcrest Chicken
What to Sip: Mt. Boucherie Merlot, Tantalus Reisling, Fresh & Local Cocktails

3. Basil & Mint
Located in the city’s vibrant Pandosy area, Basil & Mint is a fabulous restaurant that boasts beautiful outdoor comfort. From the contemporary furniture options to the exquisite décor, even the flooring is outstanding on the Basil & Mint patio. The restaurant’s mission is to provide a true West Coast dining experience in a vibrant environment. With their atmospheric authenticity also comes menu inspiration from locally grown and sourced ingredients from British Columbia. When you’re looking for great places to eat and drink in town, this is a fabulous choice!

You’re Invited: Dinner, Brunch
What to Eat: Aranchini, Grilled Fraser Valley Bone In Pork Chop, BBQ Chicken, Smoked Mozzarella & Red Onion Wood Stone Pizza
What to Sip: Carefully selected local & global wines

4. Doc Willoughby’s Public House
When you’re looking for great pubs to watch the game after work or for awesome Saturday night meet-ups, Doc Willoughby’s is definitely the place to be. Their stellar downtown location is perfect for people watching so grab a spot right on the sidewalk! This popular hangout in the valley also hosts plenty of live music shows and of course has delicious food & drink options.

You’re Invited: Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Late Night
What to Eat: Bacon Jalapeños, Breakfast Quesadilla, Chasmar Burger
What to Sip: OK Spring Pale Ale, Good Lookin’ Caeser, Volcanic Hills Pinot Gris

5. Train Station Pub
For trendy restaurants with great patios in Central Okanagan, Train Station Pub is an exceptional choice and one that won’t disappoint. The outdoor seating space has misters to keep you cool on hot summer days and lots of comfortable seating for you to enjoy a refreshing beverage. The pub often hosts live music events and has some of the best appies in town.

You’re Invited: Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Late Night
What to Eat: Caribbean Calamari, Glazed Salmon Bowl, Pakora Benedict, Walnut Fudge Brownie
What to Sip: Steamworks Pilsner, Sandhill Syrah, Cucumber Gin Cosmo, Salted Caramel Coffee

Locals love spending their free time at Kelowna’s trendiest restaurants and patios. From hand-crafted cocktails to unique appies and entrees, nothing is off limits to these venues. Come see for yourself what all the fuss is about! And if you need recommendations on great dining & drink options in the Okanagan, our real estate agents at Kelowna Life know all the hot spots you just HAVE to try. From entertainment advice and of course, finding your new home in the valley, we’ll be happy to talk to you more about why living here feels oh so fabulous.